ExtraEquipaje offers Air Cargo Transportation and Non-accompanied luggage shipping. 

Every traveler around the world, have the right to take additional luggage join with their personal belongings, even with a different airline tan the one he/she is traveling, without paying additional taxes.

When additional luggage is needed, many people give up trying due to high rates. We, at ExtraEquipaje, can provide you comprehensive Service. That way you avoid paying unnecessary high costs to commercial airlines.

Our commercial and logistic team works for you to help you travel stress-free. We pick up your cargo, transport it to our warehouses, do the packing, fill out documentation, then transport it to the local airport, and shipped it with one of our sixteen partnership airlines.

Remember: Your personal belongings do not pay taxes when entering the country.

Please check our rates link and by yourself check and calculate the prices on your shipment. You just need to know the measures and weight of your shipment, multiplied for the indicated price, and add the documentation process fee, and local pick up transportation. (Optional).

PLEASE NOTE: In some countries, the tax exception applies for personal belongings, which at sight can be verified are “used”. You can take with you new items, but keep in mind that customs authorities can decide if you should pay taxes or not.


Somos especialistas en el envío aéreo y marítimo de efectos personales, equipajes no acompañados, sobre equipajes.