Secure your cargo and your belongings... Protection service for Air and Maritime Cargo.

There are inherent risks in the international cargo shipment. We, at our best effort, try to avoid any adverse situation. Your belongings are valuable to you... and to us.

Our Protection & Shipment Insurance, known as well as “Standard Liability”, secures not just your belongings but your peace of mind.

Total Lost Insurance will allow you to file a claim.

Extra Luggage will provide you a form offering the Shipment Protection Insurance. If requested, you will have opportunity to fill out the form, relating the costs of your household items/belongings. Insurance rate is 3.0 % over the declared value, min. CAN$400, max. CAN$2500.00.

Please note: jewelry, watches, gems, money, documents, titles, wines, spirit and tobacco are not covered by Shipment Protection Insurance.