At Extra Luggage we are specialists of your peace of mind! We are a cargo transportation company from Canada to the world!

We have the operational logistics to provide you with an Integral, Safe, Reliable, Efficient and Flexible service to your budget needs.

Integral: From your residence in Canada to the country of destination airport. We offer Packaging, Local Transport, Storage, Documentation, Air / Sea Transport

Insurance: We comply with all airport regulations, because we have direct contracts with the airlines. Our cargo will always be inspected and stored in regulated warehouses that comply with local and international customs security specifications. Because we are NOT intermediaries your cargo or luggage the manipulation of the same is minimal.

Reliable: We have an unparalleled record of satisfaction. Our clients can always contact directly our staff or visit us in our facilities and confirm details and information about their shipment.

Efficient: We give you all the operational support so that you travel peacefully. Remember ... that - Travel temporarily or definitively - We are "Specialists of your Tranquility".

Flexible: Our customers will always know in advance the costs of our services. Our website maintains our list of destinations and rates. In addition, our customer service team can provide you with an interactive pre-calculation table of weight or measurements .... This way you can calculate the costs directly according to the personal effects that you want to include or exclude. The interactive table allows you to clearly determine the total cost to be paid.