Integral services


All Services Under One Roof: Pickup of your cargo in any city in Canada - Transportation to our warehouse - Packing of Cargo and Furniture - Packaging & Loading - Documentation - International Coverage Insurance - Transportation to the Port or Airport - International Transportation by Air o Maritime - Online tracking - Arrival notification - Customs Advice - Local Transportation - Delivery to your home.

For Unaccompanied Baggage Service, we provide you with all the operational support so that you travel with peace of mind. Remember… that – Travel temporarily or permanently – We are “Specialists of your Peace of Mind”.

Fluid and fast communication

In today's world, communications and the speed with which it develops are essential to whether or not to close a business.


The experience obtained over years in hundreds of transactions allows us to have decisive information that will help us make the right decisions when choosing the best service or specific route. We can provide you with everything necessary for your management to come to fruition.


The important thing is not to attract a client or agent. The essential thing is to maintain it. This is achieved gradually by complying with the stipulated standards and providing a highly professional service that meets the expectations of the client or agent. In this way, a bond will be created that will result in positive feedback between both parties. We comply with all airport regulations because we have direct contracts with airlines. Your cargo will always be inspected and stored in regulated warehouses that meet local and international customs security specifications. Because we are NOT intermediaries, your cargo or luggage handling is minimal.

Competitive prices

We have direct contracts with more than 40 International Cargo Airlines and 4 Shipping Companies; which allows us a wide negotiation margin, providing our clients with the best rates on the market.

ExtraBaggage informs you clearly and without secrets, all the costs incurred for transportation - so that the client has no surprises and knows in advance all the amounts to be paid from origin to final destination. Our clients will always know in advance the costs of our services. Our website keeps our table of destinations and rates updated. Additionally, our customer service team can send you an interactive table of Pre-calculation of weight or measurements…. Thus, you will be able to directly calculate the costs according to the personal effects that you wish to include or exclude. The interactive table allows you to determine the total cost to pay.