We have the best rates in the market for the door-to-door service. Send your parcels, household items or if you are moving from Canada…

ExtraEquipaje offers door-to-door Service, known as well as “Courier”. On a weekly basis, all cargo collected from our agencies in Canada, is consolidated and shipped directly, via air cargo to Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela . In each one of these countries, we have established strategical alliances with customs and distribution agencies , which are committed to protect, transport and delivery your parcels in a highly efficient and secure way.

In Colombia, the distribution process is managed join with Coordinadora Mercantil, or our associated transport companies. In Equator, the distribution is made through Flota Imbabura and Transportes Ortiz. In Mexico, we work together with Estafeta; and in Venezuela we distribute through Tealca.

In order to facilitate the delivery process, we have several local and regional associated agencies, which provides full assistance until the parcels are delivered. Visit the contact information list of all of our agencies in the “Agencies” section.   The distribution times vary from country to country and the distance between cities:                   

Country                                     Main cities            Intermediate cities

Colombia & Venezuela:               7 to 9                 9   to 11 Calendar Days

Ecuador & México :                  12 to 14               14   to 16 Calendar Days

Items NOT allowed: Liquor, tobacco, sprays, flammable substances, pornography materials, jewelry, cash, military items, seeds, weapons of any kind, Paint-ball weapons, powder milk.


We offer a comprehensive service from packaging, local transfer, documentation and shipping of your cargo.