As part of our International Freight Transport program, we offer you the Shipping of your Personal Goods and Belongings.

The import laws of most Latin American countries exonerate from the payment of taxes on their personal items/goods to the people who return to their country after 6 months of residence abroad. This applies to all used personal belongings, furniture, clothing and even vehicles.

 Extra Luggage offers a comprehensive service so that you return to your country with its most valuable items. The logistic team will advise you throughout the planning process for your return. This process starts with a visit to your home (at no cost), where we assess the size and type of belongings. There we will make an estimate so that you can budget the costs of your shipment. After determining the cost of air transport, we define a pick up date - We offer a Warehouse Storage Service if you want us to storage your shipment until you confirm with us when you would like us to ship it. Remember that we can pack professionally all your cargo, furniture and other items that are required.

 Note: The tax exception in some countries applies to "Used" personal items that are “Used” visually verified. The customer is free to send / bring new items; however, your shipment may be subject to customs authorities scanning who could randomly open and examine one or more suitcases/boxes. Should the shipment meet the commercial criteria, customs authorities could demand the payment to import the goods.


We specialize in the air and sea shipment of personal effects, unaccompanied baggage, and luggage.